Introducing iRolla Bearing:

That is the first project we are doing for the App store. It is a direct conversion of one of the classic 8 bit Memotech MTX games which was originally written by Antony Butterfield and published by Megastar Games back in the 1980’s. Antony has kindly given his permission for us to do this conversion.

The new version will have the same level structure and challenging gameplay as the original but with newer graphics and control options to take advantage of the latest developments. The look and feel of the game will remain as close as is possible to the original to ensure this it remains authentic and true to its origins.

On the original Rolla Bearing there were two banks of levels each with ten phases. We are doing the first bank only comprising of ten challenging phases (levels). You will be able to use either Tilt or Left & Right screen buttons for controlling the bearing. This is a game of skill and reactions, the controls are simplicity itself ensuring your concentration is purely on completing the level and not trying to work out how it all works before even starting. Something that will be a common theme throughout all of our games, Simple to play but Fun.

November 2011: Work on the original tileset and game characters has almost been finalised now and a new tileset for the new look levels has been started on. Work is about to start on the programming sides of the game and hopefully we will soon have a screen shot or two we can put up for viewing. 

The development is currently at the early stages. Keep popping back to see how things progress.
Cheers, Jim