Who are involved with Jims Bitesize Games?

Firstly and importantly we are independent games developers.

As the name suggests I am the main figurehead and the person who dreamt up the idea, however I would not have been able to get things to this stage without the support and help of many good friends and a few new ones.

Website & Logo design was handled mainly by Gavin from redelevencreative. We worked together along with others to fine tune the logo and website to how you see it now.

Coding support for the initial development has been mainly from Frank of Plonka Games in helping me get started with Cocos2d. He is currently completing a fun platform game and for my sins I have been drafted in to help with some of the levels. Antony, time permitting will be there to ensure I do justice to his original masterpiece and perhaps even allow me to make a few improvements on the gameplay ;-).

I am currently in contact with a person to help with the redesign of the graphic sets for Rolla Bearing along with the creation of new characters to use in the next game and hope to bring more news when progress has been made.

A close friend of mines son, Mike, is helping Frank with some of the level design on his current game and will hopefully be coming onboard with new projects at Jims Bitesize Games in the future. Being a teenager he brings another dimension to our team and will help ensure our games are appealing to a wide audience.

My Daughter though still young has already shown a great interest in the logo and website designs , helping to chose between the different options we had to consider. I have no doubt that as things progress she will offer her own unique perspective on things and remind me to keep an eye on the younger game player as well as all the experienced ones.

There are other people who have been equally invaluable to the setting up of Jims Bitesize Games though have chosen to remain behind the scenes. You know who you are and I really want to pass on my thanks for all of your useful advice, support and guidance.

I have no doubt that as the development of our games continue there will be many more people involved with Jims Bitesize Games, I look forward to the richness that this will bring to our products and truly believe there will be some cracking games to come.

I hope that you will enjoy playing the games we eventually release.



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